This Just In: Trump Hires First Minority Advisor

Breaking news today, folks–President Donald Trump has hired his first minority advisor, a recent immigrant known as “Kim Jong Un.”

Said Trump at a press briefing held this morning: “I think Kim’s great. Really great guy. Kind of a girly name. But otherwise, great. Very likeminded guy. Love the haircut. And our hands are the same size. See?”

Trump then proceeded to hold his hands up to Kim’s hands Tarzan-style, at which point he further commented. “Actually, mine are bigger. I’m bigger. Write that down. Why aren’t you writing that down?”

Several hours later, a Trump official caught Kim taking pictures of classified documents on his phone.

Trump appearedĀ unfazed. “I’m very impressed with his work ethic. Hist first day and he’s already taking stuff to work on at home. It’s great, really really great. Great job Kim.”

Kim, somewhat flustered upon first discovery, began laughing in what many onlookers described as “a maniacal fashion.”

No word yet on whether any other minorities may be joining the Trump Administration, however, insiders say Trump has mentioned “a fellow by the name of Frederick” several times.

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